Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Haverhill Post Dispensary

What do The People think? For some it's an important issue, for others, not so much. I compare this issue with casino's, the majority wants it, but no one wants it in their back yard. In this case over 63% passed it in our area, I voted in favor on a personal liberty issue, nothing else. I do find it ironic that we can have all the liquor stores we can handle, yet "pot" for some reason raises the ire with the anti-drug crowd. I'd be curious to find out how many who are against pot, but consume alcohol, which is a drug as well.

From The Eagle Tribune:
"Councilors said they had too little time to consider the new proposal, which they said they received Monday. They voted unanimously last night to continue the city’s temporary ban on such facilities to Feb. 25."
Kind of amusing since it was passed overwhelmingly by ballot measure in 2012.
"The proposals have drawn opposition from neighbors in both areas, including a petition signed by 100 Ward Hill residents."
I hope all 100 don't drink, or we have this thing called hypocrisy. 

What say ye Citizens of Haverhill?

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