Monday, November 25, 2013

Amazing (Lantigua)

Forget that this guy has multiple grand jury indictments (innocent until proven guilty), or that he believed he didn't have to file his campaign finances, or that he thought double-dipping as Mayor & State Rep. was ok.

From The Boston Herald:
"A defiant Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua refused to admit defeat yesterday after a recount confirmed City Council Vice President Daniel Rivera is the city’s new chief executive, but one expert said it will be an uphill battle if Lantigua chooses to challenge the results in court.

I am not conceding,” Lantigua said after the results were announced.

Rivera won by 81 votes — a wider margin than on Election Day — after the city’s Board of Registrars certified the results in which he tallied 7,628 votes to Lantigua’s 7,547."
He truly believes he still has a chance, sadly, he does in fact have a large contingent of devout supporters, minus the friends & family on the payroll. The local Spanish media have been remarkably silent on the issue as well, but we all know what's coming next: We're racists.

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