Thursday, August 1, 2013

City of Haverhill Massachusetts - Moving Forward

So now that we know that Mayor Fiorentini will not be facing any challenge this year - lets discuss what the ACTUAL priorities should be for the city moving forward - my own sense is this:

A complete independent review of all city finances including, more specifically the water department.

A citizen panel to work with officials to find common ground with all city/public union contacts and relationships.

A review of the school department - for example - as reported, WHY is the city spending upwards of over 300k for ONE special needs student?

Property Taxes and prop 2 1/2 - what is the strategy to implement a plan that will NOT tax us to the top limit each year?

Elimination of the current so-called parking plan(s).

Lastly - who are most/least effective city officials - and why?

- Signed, ChairmanoftheBoard

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