Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who do you call or write?

I'm just doing a quick response to early returns on the earlier poll. Early consensus is readers want to read about state politicians (target rich environment). Here is a graphic I made for easy reference of who "represents" us in the Haverhill area:

I added Niki Tsongas as she is currently our 3rd District  CONgressional Representative as well. I don't want to assume readers know who these people are, so this is an easy reference. Lennny Mirra is the only Republican out of the bunch, which is to say Beacon Hill is arguably a lonely place for him. He is also the only one, who in my experience, will actually respond and converse with you. DiZiglio does, but her responses are measured and fairly generic. Ives? I couldn't tell you, she has never responded to inquiry. Campbell doesn't either, but definitely a card carrying Democrat. Since her "chaos" response to my questioning her in person about property taxes being changed (which Gov. Patrick platformed on), unless you are a Democrat, chances are you will ignored as well.

Want to know about local and state politicians financials? Click http://www.efs.cpf.state.ma.us/default.aspx to see who is giving money to whom, and where politicians money is being spent.

At the CONgressional level, http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cid=N00029026&cycle=2014, or "OpenSecrets.org", is a treasure trove of financial data regarding your CONgress Members finances. OpenSecrets provides where the real money is coming from, and tells the story of who is really writing the laws of our land.

Per CoB's request, I forgot to mention "POPVOX", https://www.popvox.com/ is a fantastic tool to reach out to your CONgress Member. Should you decide to "weigh in" on an issue, POPVOX automatically will send your input on whatever issue you comment on to your CONgress Member (not mandatory). You can also see how others weigh in on issue in not only your district, but around the country. No, you do not have to use your real name (I do). It truly is a fantastic resource, thanks for reminding me CoB!

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