Monday, October 14, 2013

Haverhill, Beacon Hill, Xerox and Obamacare?

It doesn't look like Haverhill is looking to kindly to having a pot dispensary within its borders, http://www.eagletribune.com/latestnews/x1442584511/5-apply-to-open-local-pot-dispensaries. The doctor in the article made a great point:
Even though the (U.S.) Attorney General said the federal government is not interested in pursuing medical marijuana growers in states that allow it, that allayed the fears of many people, but administrations change and the next election is not too far away,” said Dr. Joel Gorn
I'd go one step further; to The DEA under federal law pot is still illegal. So even if you get approval, there's yet another issue about underwriting. Were you purchase or lease a building, the owner of such property would still be on the hook should The DEA come sweeping in. In theory (or in practice), they could come in and seize everything, including the property. So while "the voters have spoken" here in Massachusetts, which Haverhill politicos seem to conveniently ignore, The Feds can still ruin the party. I could care less what The People do to themselves, including ingesting, smoking, or injecting as long as they don't harm others when they do. However, I find it ironic and even more glaring in the hypocrisy where alcohol seems to be more destructive than pot, and the pharmaceutical industry are arguably the biggest drug dealers on the planet.

We all remember when Rep. Nancy Pelosi stated: "You have to pass the Bill so that you can find out what's in it" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoE1R-xH5To). Classic. Well, it appears that our Beacon Hill Representative wanted to take one out of the pages of Pelosi: http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/columnists/howie_carr/2013/10/carr_hey_it_s_ok_to_read_bill_before_vote. Howie does a good take down on Heroux, I don't agree with everything Howie says, but this is endemic of both our State and Federal "Representation". In a State that has 35% registered Democrat, 15% Republican and 50% Independent, I think there's a lot of Independents not being truthful as to how they vote.

Looks like Xerox had some "issues" over the weekend with EBT software. There apparently were some very angry people when they went to swipe their card. As The AP reports, http://bigstory.ap.org/article/food-stamp-debit-cards-not-working-many-states, 17 states had issues, including Massachusetts.
"That's a problem. There are a lot of families who are not going to be able to feed children because the system is being maintenanced," Colman said. She planned to reach out to local officials. "You don't want children going hungry tonight because of stupidity," she said.
I think a bigger problem might be when the nearly 48 million (unbelievable) Americans don't get to eat and buy "stuff" at Walmart. I think that would qualify for a very violent changing of the guard in CONgress, but then again, if the L.A. riots taught us anything, it would be our own cities that would burn. No one seriously thinks The Fed would go without one of their scheduled Primary Open Market Operations do they? If they missed one of those, TBTF/SIFI banks would go into withdrawals from not receiving their monetary heroin.

So it looks like The Deceiver in Chief is going to win out on Obamacare (even though The U.S. Supreme Court gave him victory). Republicans have started to cave during the theater in Washington. At this point, does it matter? We're already roughly $825 billion in the hole as of this month http://www.fms.treas.gov/mts/index.html, I mean Bush was bad enough, but Obama and CONgress went "full retard" since being elected to office. The Lemmings of course don't understand the catastrophic fiscal consequences this does to them personally. Your wages are already under duress, with Obamacare, if you live in Massachusetts, you get no subsidies if you make over $94k (apparently some think that's "rich"). Of course that isn't a lot, especially in wage deflation and price expansion, should do wonders for those in that bracket. Sorry, you now have to fork over $2k-$7k extra with a gun stuffed up your nose. No? If you have a family and kids, you have to have it, if single, then it's worth paying the fine and paying cash for medical expenses https://bangordailynews.com/2013/05/27/news/portland/south-portland-doctor-stops-accepting-insurance-posts-prices-online/.What could go wrong with all your medical and financial (eligibility is determined by your credit reports) information being broadcast over an unsecured (especially to The NSA) internet?

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