Monday, September 16, 2013

Five years ago

This happened:
Just days before we saw this:

Are we better off today? Are you better off? Still think the banks needed a bailout? Or should they have been broken up and sold off into smaller entities? We have seen massive intervention, of which The Federal Reserve and other Central Banks continue to this day. The laws have changed, we have fewer banks today and they continue to shrink, is this a good thing? "Too Big To Fail" is now synonymous with unfettered crime. Our debts continue to grow thanks to wars that will not end, while our currency is debased, but still strong as others fight off inflation against other currencies. We have seen major United States Supreme Court decisions, especially The Citizens United Decision effecting the way we elect our government since the crisis, which ostensibly means "money equals speech". We have seen Wall Street continue to run roughshod over our fellow citizens with no one going to jail thanks to weak regulatory bodies and an unwilling branch of our judicial system, The U.S. Attorney Generals Office. We still see massive amounts of fraud continue since 2008, what has really changed on this anniversary date?

Things to ponder and discuss on our five year anniversary since the crash of 2008, in an era where so few have so much power and control over so many.

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